sitting on the ground, petting a Ganymede plush on my bow


The Power of the Hunt keeps me company, maybe it'll help you too.

Cosplay of the goddess Artemis from Supergiant Games' Hades.

Sewing, pattern, and photography by me.

Revised version at Artemis

holding Ganymede as if to say "is this a pigeon?"
staring in a power pose, one arm down, one bent at my waist
overlayed onto game screenshot: "Well, look at you, with Exagryph, the Rail of Adamant! Seems much too noisy-complicated as a hunting weapon when you could just use a nice quite bow, but hey, to each her own."
close up on my closed eyes showing my shimmering green crosshair makeup
Me sitting on a fireplace, one leg raised, my bow across my lap, staring to the side
standing in a defensive stance showing off my cape
showing my headgear and neck wrap
standing with the camera on the ground shooting up, and the god rays crossing my neck and bow
sitting on the ground with my back to the wall, looking tired
sitting with my head reared back, flourising my horns