sitting cross-legged with my Celeste hoodie, galaxy leggings, and slippers, clutching a Blathers' Museum coffee mug in both hands

Animal Crossing: Wild World

"So when I look up at the stars, I just wonder, what will they become someday?"

Celeste, Blather's stargazing sibling first introduced in Animal Crossing Wild World, and most recently seen island hopping on stellar nights with clear skies.

Design, sewing and photography by me, generic bell sleeve pattern by Random Tuesday, leggings by Beth Kerner, and ISS t-shirt by Juleah Kaliski.

This cosplay was revised, see the redux at Celeste

flourishing arms to show a paritally zipped Celeste hoodie and an ISS t-shirt
backside of the red hoodie, with white and black wingtips
sitting on a chair outside
Animal Crossing screenshot, stretching with Celeste while wearing a virtual copy of my hoodie.
Animal Crossing screenshot: taking a selfie with Celeste in the space room I decorated
close up on one arm showing the bell sleeve
hoodie sitting on the couch, showing off soft grey interior and pink accent hood.
giving a "Zeus is being Zeus again" stare
Animal Crossing screenshot expressing joy with Celeste
Animal Crossing screenshot sitting with Celeste