Chariot Du Nord

a red haired woman in gray leggings with a red-lined blue dress and matching hat, belt, and shoes raises his wand and stares transfixed at it

Little Witch Academia

Don't compare yourself to others, do what only you can do.

Chariot Du Nord, also known as Shiny Chariot and Ursula Callistis from Little Witch Academia.

Pattern and base sewing by RandomTuesday

Alterations, photography, and editing by myself.

sitting by fireplace reading Nimona with shiny rod and hat to the side with wand in hand
close up selfie with hat off
standing triumphantly with shiny bow drawn
close up with hat off
presenting self with palms facing forwards
selfie holding hat
bow drawn with hood up
Standing with want outstretched
burrowed in hat
hand touching hat